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One of The Hulk's most well known powers is his incredible strength.  Except for his grey incarnation, The Hulk can lift 100 tons when calm.  The grey Hulk starts off with 75 tons when calm.  In either case, the madder The Hulk gets, the stronger he gets caused by an extra surge of adrenaline.  This does not cause an additional gain in mass (an item which is shown only in the 2003 "HULK" movie).  To date, there is no known limits to The Hulk's strength.  He has been known to support a 150 billion ton mountain range during the 1st Secret Wars.


The Hulk has a very unusual mental ability that most other mortals don't have:  He has the ability to see ghosts, spirits & such.  Another ability is that he can, out of instinct, always find the area in New Mexico which was the site of the 1st Gamma Bomb explosion, which is what turned Banner into The Hulk in the 1st place.  He also has shown the ability to resist mind control.


The Hulk is a very durable guy.  Although he isn't invunerable, he does have a high resistance to extreme heat and cold, bullets, fire, grenades, artillery shells, concussive forces & such.  The Hulk does have his limits, though.  He could not survive "ground zero" of a nuclear explosion.  If he is injured, The Hulk has one of the greatest & fastest healing abilities in the Marvel Universe.  He can heal in a matter of minutes from wounds that would prove deadly or incapacitating to nearly everyone else.


Robert Bruce Banner was a civilian nuclear scientist working for the United States Military stationed at Desert Base, New Mexico.  He developed and oversaw the contruction of a nuclear weapon with a high gamma radiation out put.  On the day of it's 1st testing, Banner saw a teenager, one Rick Jones, breach the security of the bomb testing area.  Banner told his assistant, Igor, who was secretly a spy, to halt the countdown while he went to rescue the trespasser.  Igor did no such thing, in hopes of killing Banner.  Banner reached Jones, dragged him to a protective trench & threw him in.  Before he could jump in himself, the Gamma Bomb exploded and bombarded it's inventor with a huge dose of gamma radiation.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

Detailed History from Marvel Directory


Robert Bruce Banner:  This is the original personality.  Dr. Banner has been around since the beginning, and all the other core personalities are derived from his MPD  (multiple personality disorder).  Banner has genius level intellegence, and stands at about 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Green Hulk:  Also known as The Savage Hulk, this is the classic Hulk.  He has child like intellegence, and stands at 7 feet tall.  Banner would change into this Hulk when angered, and revert back to normal once his rage was spent.

Grey Hulk:  Also known as Joe Fixit, this is the original Hulk.  Appeared in Issue #1.  This Hulk stands at 6 feet 6 inches tall, and has normal intellegence.  Banner would change into this Hulk at sunset, and would revert back into normal at sunrise.  He has normal intellengence.

The Professor Hulk:  Also known as the "Merged" Hulk.  This one is a result of a merging of the other 3 core personalities.  This Hulk stands at nearly 7 feet 6 inches tall, and has genius level intellegence.

The Hulk Incarnations: From TIH - Engine of Destruction


Banner & The Hulk just recently discovered another power that The Hulk had, and that is the ability to breath under water.  Over the years, The Hulk's body has developed a gland that allows him to breath fluids.  This is also handy in another way, since it allows The Hulk's lungs to be filled with fluids when he is under water, thus avoiding decompression and nitrogen narcosis.  This picture comes from The Incredible Hulk #77.


Did you know that The Hulk can travel up to 3 miles in just one leap?  He has also been know to make a verticle leap to the outer edges of the atmosphere.  The above picture is an example of that feat from THE INCREDIBLE HULK #254.