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Welcome to my Web site.  Please feel free to browse around at your leisure, and I hope you like what I have to offer.  Enjoy!!


December 14, 2015 - After taking some time off from my site, I have updated my What's New Page with a brief synopsis and scanned copy of the cover of TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #1.

About Doug's Incredible Hulk Comic Page.

As you can tell by the name, this Web site is about my favorite comic superhero, THE INCREDIBLE HULK.  I am bringing to this page vital statistics about 'Ol Greenskin, trivia, images from my 300+ Incredible Hulk comic books, and links to other great sights about The Incredible Hulk, including the TV show & Lou Ferrigno's own official site.

TRIVIA FOR 5/17/15: Who is Leonard Skivorski, Jr., and what does he have to do with The Hulk? As always, you can E-Mail me with the correct answer by clicking on the link below.

This time, I have a double winner for my Trivia Question, the one dated from 1/24/15.  Sam Hammond and Johnnie (last name unknown) both stated that Phil Sterns is not only the brother of Sam Sterns, a.k.a. The Leader, but he is also known as MadMan, gamma powered superfoe of The Hulk and former class mate of Bruce Banner in their graduate school days.  Great Job, Sam & Johnnie!!

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The Hulk In Black & White

This picture was done for me by Alejandro Rivas, formerly of Santiago, Chile.  Thanks, Alejandro, and great job!!